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About Me

My 40 years as a Natural Therapist allows me to provide exceptional support, nurturing and guidance to those facing physical or emotional challenges.

I help my clients to untie the knots in their physically releasing muscular tension through bodywork or emotionally and mentally through counselling and education. 

I use whatever is most appropriate from my extensive healing toolbox. Such as bodywork, aromatherapy massage, polarity therapy, energy healing and balancing, body centred wholistic counselling which may include...Sand Play, Watercolour, Colour Therapy, Sound and Gesture, and Classical Homoeopathy.

My work has also been informed by Bowen Therapy, Biodynamic Cranio, Sacral Therapy, Parapsychology and studies in the Quantum field and the Vibrational universe distilled in essential oils.

I have also spent 20 years as a facilitator for cancer support groups and working with a small team presenting talks and workshops on aromatherapy and individual bodywork at the retreats we run across NSW for Life Force Foundation and the Cancer Council which supports those living with the diagnosis of cancer.

I believe my role is to help people reconnect with their own unique beautiful truth.

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